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Baltimore May Sell Historic City Landmarks

Baltimore, Maryland officials say that local historic buildings are a liability, an eyesore and a drain on the budget, so the city is considering selling or leasing about 15 of its historic sites, according to the Baltimore Sun.

City Director of Planning Thomas Stosur said: “We have some great properties in unique locations and we hope we can find the right kind of marriage to make it work. Real estate is location, location, location. That’s why we’re hiring a specific firm to go in and look because they’re unique properties."

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently asked the city’s spending board to approve $46,000 in consultant fees to appraise the historic sites, including a war memorial (pictured above).

Some residents, however, say the landmarks belong to the public.

Resident Liz Wildt. said: “They’re part of Baltimore. They’re historic landmarks. I don’t think anyone should own them. It should be a Baltimore thing."


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