'Bad Samaritan' Steals Man's Dropped $2,200 Wad of Cash and Watches His Frantic Search

Most average citizens would notice if they lost $2,200, and it only took a minute or so after a man named John dropped his cash outside of an El Pollo Loco in Manteca, CA, for him to realize what happened.

John had saved up the cash for months in order to afford to move from Southern California closer to his parents, according to CBS Sacramento. When he stopped at an El Pollo Loco to grab some food, he grabbed his wad of cash to give a homeless woman $10. Unfortunately,  he didn't notice when the wad of cash then dropped to the ground.

Surveillance footage shows how the incident occurred, and how, after John had dropped the cash, a man jumped out of his nearby car seconds later, picked up the cash and pocketed it.

Once John gets inside the El Pollo Loco, more footage shows him digging around in his pockets, realizing he had lost his money. The “Bad Samaritan” who took John’s money, meanwhile, was standing knowingly right behind John in line, and takes off for the bathroom as John retreats back to his truck to search for his money.

The footage also shows how the Bad Samaritan and his friend calmly ate their meal, watching John tear his truck apart in search of his money.

John still hasn’t gotten the money back, and is offering $300, on top of Crimestopper’s $1,000 reward for information helping catch the Bad Samaritan.

Sources: CBS, Consumerist


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