AutoNation Direct Sells News Cars at 50% Off with eBay Promotion


Savvy online auctioneers are scoring more than just old baseball card collections and rare comic books these days. Thanks to a joint promotion between auction site eBay Motors and online retailer AutoNation, a few quick keystrokes is all you need to stumble upon impressive automotive discounts - some as deep as 50%.

To promote its new direct online sales arm, AutoNation offered up 29 new vehicles at half their normal retail prices. The vehicles included in the promotion came from manufacturers Ford, General Motors and Nissan.

The 50%-off models appear on the auction site at random times daily. So far each one has been claimed within minutes, so you need to be vigilant and quick. Fleet-fingered typists have already picked up a Chevy Volt, a Chevy Camaro, a Ford Mustang and a Ford F-150 pickup.

AutoNation says they will continue to post four cars a day until Friday, March 29th, at which point a half-price 2012 Chevy Corvette will cap off the promotion.

If you want to try your luck just set up a free account with eBay and download the eBay Motors mobile app on your smartphone and tablet.

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