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Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer Planning Two Life-Like Jurassic Park Resorts, Dinosaurs Included

Clive Palmer’s doing it right.

The Australian mining billionaire knows exactly how he wants to spend his fortune: He’s about to go all out on building two Jurassic Park-themed resorts for fans of the movie franchise to get as close to the action as possible.  

Though he couldn’t get his hands on real dinosaurs (and not for a lack of trying — he seriously spoke with the scientists who cloned the sheep Dolly about the possibility of cloning a dinosaur), he’s put in orders for more than 200 life-like animatronic dinosaurs to put in his two resorts. The first resort will be close to home for Palmer in the Palmer Coolum Resort, north of Brisbane, Australia, and the second will be built in China.

Included in Palmer’s dino-order are a 1.2-ton Brachiosaurus, a 22-foot-tall Mamenchisaurus, and 68-foot-long Apatosaurus. The China location is said to be making room for 165 life-size dinosaurs, and 117 will be headed to Australia.

Palmer’s Jurassic adventure isn’t the only oversized project he’s working on. Palmer has also commissioned workers to build a life-size replica of the Titanic — cleverly named the Titanic II — which is due to set sail in 2016.

The ocean liner is said to be an almost exact replica, down to the smoking rooms, the grand staircase and the three-class tiered split. Palmer, however, decided he’ll spend the maiden voyage down in the third class cabins, according to the Guardian. More than 40,000 applications have already been submitted from interested passengers.

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