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Audio: Sen. Tom Coburn Says Not Raising the Debt Ceiling "Might be a Wonderful Experiment"

During a radio interview with the American Family Association today, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) told host Sandy Rios that not raising the debt ceiling, which would result in a government default and would crash the U.S. economy, might actually be a “wonderful experiment” (audio below).

The debt ceiling vote is a routine vote that allows the U.S. government to borrow money to pay for what Congress has already approved.

Sen. Coburn added that “our freedoms are going to be put at risk” under President Obama, reports

Sen. Coburn said: "It might be a wonderful experiment, regardless who wins the next election or not, just to see if we could live on the money that’s coming into the Treasury and not have to borrow against the future of our children."

"... Maybe we lose that battle but if we lose that battle we’re going to lose our country anyway and that’s what people ought to be thinking about. you cannot continue to borrow the way this president wants to borrow and our country survive."


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