Armored Truck Thief Ken Konias Finally Apprehended


Nearly two months after he shot his colleague in the head and made off with an armored truck holding $2 million, the FBI has finally got its man.

Ken Konias of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been on the lam since February, making him one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. After the well-publicized armored truck heist, Konias vanished. FBI investigators were baffled until an anonymous tip led them to Pompano Beach, Florida.

Pittsburgh Police contacted the FBI with the tip early Monday morning, and by the end of the day Konias was finally in custody. The armored truck killer was arrested without resistance. The FBI team that brought him in described him as “cooperative.”

After the arrest, authorities recovered over $1 million in cash that was stored at the Pompano Beach hideaway and in a nearby storage locker.

FBI agent Michael Rodriguez had this to say about the arrest: “[Konias] encountered several individuals in South Florida who he confided in regarding his criminal activity in the Pittsburgh area. This resulted in the aforementioned information being provided to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. During his arrest a large sum of money and two weapons were also recovered by the FBI in Miami.”

Konias appeared in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom Wednesday wearing a gray shirt and gray pants. He waved his right to extradition and will be heading back to Pennsylvania within two weeks to stand trial.

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