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Armed "Clown" Robbers Steal Worthless Jewelry from Denver Store

Two men dressed in clown makeup and wigs robbed a jewelry store in Denver on Wednesday. However, their "loot" was nothing but worthless samples.

Denver's CBS4 reports that the two men walked into the store, pulled guns, and for the next 15 minutes proceeded to take the jewelry out of the display cases.

“It’s scary, especially because the whole time they are screaming at you,” store co-owner Mark Allen said, adding that one of the men “had his gun pointed to me, at one point at my head, at my neck and at my back.”

It's a good the robbers were dressed as clowns because in the end the joke is on them -- what they stole is virtually worthless.

The store owners told the station that because the price of the precious metals has gone up much, the items in display cases in most jewelry stores are usually cheap samples of the real things.

"A lot of (what was stolen) are samples that are done in silver and they are plated, and the robbers don’t know that,” co-owner Mike Nedler said. “You don’t want to get killed over anything, but especially if it’s not real.”

Police now have the surveillance video of the robbery, but they say because the faces of the robbers were disguised by the clown make-up, it is difficult to see what they really look like.


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