Are You Working More Because of the Bad Economy?

I’ve been working for startups for the last two years and if you’ve
ever worked for one, you know the work is endless. So I’m fairly used
to working long hours. But a few friends who have what I call “normal
jobs” recently mentioned to me that they are struggling with their
work-life juggle because the work part has really kicked into high

One works at a company where there has been two rounds of layoffs
and she has taken on a lot more tasks that her laid off colleague used
to handle. The other used to work four days a week and has decided to
go back to a full five days a week schedule because she is afraid that
she may be laid off if she doesn’t put in more face time.

Both of these friends told me that they feel lucky to still have
their jobs (I think they were feeling bad doing a bit of complaining
since my husband has been laid off for a bit and I am working at two
under-funded startups and not exactly pulling in piles of cash.)

they are not the first to talk about working more or cutting back on
flexible schedules in light of the horrific economic situation and
rising unemployment. I tried to find some data that would support this
— you know, the geek in me loves to find statistics that make me feel
like what I am writing has some merit — but couldn’t. (If you know of
some, please share in the comments.)

But my sense is that many
employees who are lucky to have kept their jobs thus far are either
working more because they have more to do or because they want to
ensure that they are not targeted for the next round of layoffs.



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