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Are Walmart’s ‘Assembled in the USA’ Flat-Screen TVs Built in China?

Walmart announced at the beginning of 2013 that it was going to buy $50 billion worth of U.S.-made products to sell in its stores over the next ten years.

The retail giant is trying to bring back customers that it has lost to even cheaper stores, such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General, noted Reuters.

In July, the Wall Street Journal reported how Walmart's supplier for flat-screen TVs, Element Electronics, imports its TVs from China.

Element Electronics workers reportedly remove the TVs from Chinese boxes, insert Chinese-made memory boards and do a mechanical test before wrapping them in the patriotic boxes featuring flags and the words: "Assembled in the USA."

Element Electronics also boasts on its website: "To our knowledge, we are the only American-owned and American-assembled television company!"

The Wall Street Journal article is part of a petition that the Alliance for American Manufacturing has filed against Element Electronics with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Alliance for American Manufacturing claims that Element Electronics is deceiving American consumers with its “Assembled in USA” claim because most of the manufacturing and assembling is done in China.

Under FTC rules, a company cannot advertise a product as "assembled in America" unless that product has a “substantial transformation” in the U.S. before being sold.

Sources:, Wall Street Journal, Alliance for American Manufacturing, Reuters


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