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Are Money Managers Who Claimed Connecticut Lottery Prize Lying?

The not-so-feel-good story of three wealthy money managers who won a huge Powerball jackpot may be getting even worse -- they may be lying about winning to cover for an even richer client.

As Opposing Views reported on Monday, Brandon Lacoff, Gary Skidmore and Tim Davidson came forward to claim a record $254 Connecticut Powerball jackpot. But now a friend of Lacoff's claims the real winner is one of the clients at their money management firm.

“I called him last night and said, ‘Brandon, I saw you on Friday and you did not tell me that you won the lottery,’” Tom Gladstone told the Albany Times-Union. “He said, ‘We are just representing the guy.’”

Gladstone would not reveal the name of the alleged real winner.

“I’m friends with the guys and they don't want me to tell,” he said. “I think they are smart guys and they are doing the right thing.”

This could explain why their lawyer did all of the talking at Monday's news conference, with the exception of one of them simply saying, "It feels good."


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