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Apple's iPhone 4 Fix: Full Refund or Free Bumper Case

Apple has announced the fix for its troubled iPhone 4 -- it will give free bumper cases to all customers. And if that doesn't satisfy you, you can have a full refund.


Apple chief Steve Jobs opened a rare news conference Friday morning by saying, "We're not perfect. The phone is not perfect." He was referring to antenna problems that can cause the phone to lose reception if held in a certain way.

But a bumper case solves the problem. Jobs said anyone who has already bought the phone, and future buyers between now and September 30th, will be eligible for a free case. Anyone who already bought the case will get their $29 purchase price refunded.

In addition, Jobs said that if any customer is still not satisfied, they can return the phone and get a full refund within 30 days.

The free case giveaway is expected to cost the company around $45 million, according to CNBC. That is a huge discount from the estimated $1.5-$2 billion a full recall would have cost.

"This is life in the smart phone world. Phones aren't perfect, and it's a challenge for the whole industry," Jobs said. "We're all doing the best we can, but every phone has weak spots."

All of this comes days after the highly respected Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the phone because of the antenna issues, and called on Apple to compensate customers in some way.


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