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Apple to Pay $53 Million to Settle Water-Damage iPhone, iPad Warranty Lawsuit

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to settle a class action lawsuit to iPhone and iPod owners, who were turned away by the company because a little sticker inside the devices had turned a shade of pink or red.

Apple admits no wrongdoing in the settlement, which still requires a judge’s approval. The settlement amounts to about $200 per claimant in the class action lawsuit, reports The Atlantic.

The class action lawsuit claimed Apple refused to honor warranties, regardless of the problem, if a white indicator tape inside an iPhone or iPad had turned pink or red.

According to Wired, "the tape's maker, 3M, said humidity, and not water contact, could have caused the color to at least turn pink."

Apple quietly changed its water damage policy in 2011 to say that devices with an activated strip of tape (LCI) may still be replaced if a customer disputes that water made contact with the device as long as there are no signs of corrosion.

Source: The Atlantic and Wired


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