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AOL Cuts Back on 401(K) for Employees, Blames Obamacare (Video)

The Internet giant AOL is changing how it funds its employees' 401(k) retirement accounts.

Normally, companies match employee contributions monthly, but AOL is going to make one lump-sum matching payment at the end of the year.

Mother Jones reports that this trick helps AOL financially by not having to match 401(k) plans for employees who leave or are fired in the middle of the year (video below).

AOL employees will also get shorted because AOL's matching funds won't gain interest for them during the entire year.

Amazingly, AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong is blaming these choices on Obamacare.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Armstrong recently told CNBC, "Obamacare is an additional $7.1 million expense for us as a company... As a CEO and Management Team, we had to decide, 'Do we pass the $7.1 million of Obamacare costs to our employees or do we try to eat as much of that as possible and cut other benefits?'"

Sources: Mother Jones and The Washington Free Beacon


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