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The $800,000 New York City Cab Ride

A 13 mile car ride in New York ended up costing the passenger almost $800,000 and the thing is, the passenger was so rich he never even knew he was being charged that much. According to theNew York Post, Tony Chan paid for his car trip using an AMEX card. The driver decided to keep

charging Tony all the time. Almost every day and he got away with it for well over a year. It all started in July 2008, but despite charges of up to $19,000 a shot for limo services, Tony Chan never caught on. It was only when a bank security expert stumbled on all the charges that the Secret Service was called in and the limo driver arrested.

The thing is, he might get away with it because Tony Chan is facing serious financial difficulties at home in Hong Kong and is embroiled in lots of legal controversies of his own.

"These developments, experts said, open the door for Rahhaoui to claim that Chan had authorized the AmEx charges for a range of limousine services over several months and was now claiming fraud only because he faces tax and legal woes in Hong Kong."

Can you imagine being so rich that you don't notice $800K missing?


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