Alabama Still Collecting Tax for Civil War Vets


The Civil War ended in 1865 and the last of the veterans of that war have been dead for generations. Then why is Alabama still collecting a tax to support those vets?

The Associated Press reports that Alabama has continued to collect a tax that used to pay for the Alabama Confederate Soldiers' Home where down-and-out vets used to live. The home closed 72 years ago, and the grounds are now home to the Confederate Memorial Park. The tax money, around $400,000 per year, is used on the park.

"It's a beautifully maintained park. It's one of the best because of the funding source," said Clara Nobles of the Alabama Historical Commission, which oversees the park.

The AP said no one really complains about the tax because no one knows it exists. But now one long-serving black legislator who just assumed the tax had eliminated said he wants it to end once and for all.

"We should not be spending one nickel for that," said Rep. Alvin Holmes. "I'm going to try to get rid of it.

The Democratic Holmes has an uphill battle in the Republican-controlled legislature.


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