Facebook Phone Doesn't Get Enough Likes, Now Costs Just 99 Cents

After only a month on the market the Facebook Home is plummeting in cost as providers have drastically slashed contract prices on the mobile device from $99.99 to just $0.99.

Although many speculate Facebook is simply attempting to make the deal more appealing to consumers, others argue AT&T and HTC may just be attempting to cash in.

Many critics are associating the price drop with an overall lack of interest people have in wanting Facebook to completely take over their mobile phones. Further, consumers are also complaining that they’re spending so much time on Facebook that their data charges are enormous.

As such, it’s possible providers such as AT&T and HTC may feel comfortable practically giving the phone away for free as long as they’re able to cash in on those future data charges.

Nonetheless, interest is extremely low among consumers and those who have purchased the phone haven’t had many good things to say about it. More than half of Facebook Home’s 15,000 user reviews gave the product just one star. Typical reviews closely resembled the following:

-          “Uninstalled after 1 min”

-          “Just takes a nice phone and ruins the interface. Waste of time.”

Although the huge price drop is great news for anyone who wants an attractive, workman-like 4G phone with Facebook Home built in at a bargain price, it doesn’t bode well for this first HTC/Facebook collaboration and future Facebook Phones.

Sources: Salon, Forbes


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