Aerospace Engineer: Star Trek Enterprise Only 20 Years Away

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The final frontier may finally be within in our grasp, or so says one ambitious engineer. He founded the website, where he puts forth a thoroughly realized plan to construct a real-life version of the fictional U.S.S. Enterprise of “Star Trek” fame.

With the right effort and allocation of resources, argues that the Enterprise is only 20 years away, that’s 9 years of planning, 11 years of construction and a final lunar flyby mission as a test run. The website sets out a detailed timeline that specifies finite windows for research, component testing, blueprints, development, manufacturing and in-space assembly.

Even the staunchest Trekkies among us have to admit that the plan seems a bit outlandish. Conservative estimates put the price tag on the real life Enterprise at around a trillion dollars. That sum, while massive, is roughly equal to the oft-maligned Troubled Asset Relief Fund passed by President Bush in the twilight hours of his presidency.

You have to admit, an interstellar spaceship capable of going where no man has gone before would be so much cooler than a bank bailout.

Other benefits aside from space exploration that the scientific mind behind cites include peripheral inventions and inspiring a whole new generation of young scientists and Astronauts.


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