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Adrianne Powell, Donated Kidney, Had Home Foreclosed by Bank of America (Video)

The activist group "Banking Bad" recently uploaded a video about homeowner Adrianne Powell, who donated one of her kidneys to save her brother's life, but is now facing foreclosure of her home by Bank of America.

Powell said she approached Bank of America in 2009 for refinancing on her home and they offered to "help" her get a HAMP loan modification, which she applied for in March 2009 (video below).

HAMP stands for "Home Affordable Modification Program" and is a federal program set up to help homeowners. However, the program was actually written with banks and mortgage companies. The National Taxpayers Union slammed HAMP in 2011 for being ineffective.

"On Nov. 2 of 2009, I called and got a voice recording stating that my loan had been approved and had been assigned to a work-out negotiator," Powell said. "I should hear something by 12/28/09, but don't call before then. They sent me a packet out, I sent the package back in. I mailed it and I faxed it to make sure they had my paperwork and I was told 'yes' it had been approved."

However,  the "approved" paperwork dragged on for three years, notes Banking Bad.

For reasons unknown, Bank of America allegedly kept "misplacing" documents of Powell's loan modification.

According to six former Bank of America employees, it was common practice at the mega-bank to delay, lose documents and eventually foreclose on homeowners, which employees got bonuses for doing.

"On May 5, 2010, that's when I called and was told my account had been closed," Powell said. "So I asked for a supervisor. She told me my file had been closed in April, 2010. When I asked, 'why?' She stated 'No reason.'"

Powell hired an unidentified attorney who claimed to specialize in fighting foreclosures, but she told Powell to give up her home and accept a $4,000 settlement from Bank of America. Powell did some checking online and found that her attorney formerly worked for Bank of America.

There is now a petition asking Brian Moynihan, the CEO Bank of America, to "modify a loan for Adrianne Powell as promised since 2009."

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