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Activists and Enthusiasts Clash at David Petronis' Saratoga Arms Fair

The war over who is persecuting who in regards to gun control met another impasse this weekend as gun control advocates and activists faced off at the Saratoga Arms Fair in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The arms fair, which is held at the City Center four times a year, hosted one of the largest crowds ever as gun enthusiasts flocked to the event as a show of support for the second amendment.

Just outside the center, however, dozens of protestors from the Saratogians for Gun Safety marched in support of gun control, waving painted wooden angels as symbols of the Newtown victims who died last month.

Despite the cancellation of other gun shows in the area, the organizer David Petronis was determined to still hold his show, although he did ban his vendors from selling military-style assault weapons.

Since the Newtown shooting, military-style assault weapons have been in hot demand now that politicians nationwide have vowed to ban them.

Petronis’ wife Cathy told the New York Times that their gun shop in Mechanicville, N.Y. has sold out of assault-type weapons recently.

Though gun owners may feel persecuted for owning guns, the victims of gun violence and their families do make a much more valid — and more compelling — argument about how unnecessary it is for military-style guns, or guns capable of mass murder, to be on the market.

This year, Obama and other prominent politicians such as Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have pledged to concentrate their efforts to pass an assault weapons ban this year. 


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