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7-Cent Robbery Lands NY Teen Anthony Stewart in Prison for 6 Years

Talk about dumb -- a teen robbed an elderly man and netted just seven cents, then he decided to fight the charges, resulting in an angry judge who sentenced him to the maximum.

The New York Daily News reports that armed with BB guns that looked real, 15-year-old Anthony Stewart and a friend robbed the 73-year-old man last December. They jumped him on a Syracuse street, knocking him to the ground and breaking his glasses. They stole all of the money he had on him -- those seven precious cents.

The other boy, who is 16, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one-to-four years in state prison.

But Stewart decided to fight the charges. Of course, he was found guilty of first-degree robbery.

During sentencing on Monday, Onondaga County Judge William Walsh was angry that Stewart did not plead guilty like his pal, saying the victim identified him "and yet you still denied it. Well, that cost you," he said, according to a report in the Syracuse Post-Standard.

With that, the judge sentenced Stewart to the maximum -- two-to-six years, to be served in a juvenile detention facility.

Stewart's lawyer failed in her attempt to get the teen treated as a youthful defender.

"For seven cents, now you're making someone a felon for the rest of his life," Laurin Haddad said.

Yes, it's all the judge's fault.


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