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'30 Rock' Season Finale Marks Broken Barriers for Tina Fey

Thursday night marked the end of one of America’s favorite cult comedies, 30 Rock. The show, though suffering from low viewership throughout its seven-season run, has won many accolades, including Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin’s wins for best TV comedy actress and actor at last Sunday’s SAG awards.

Week after week, 30 Rock featured the antics surrounding a fictional comedy sketch show on NBC, often biting the hand that fed it. 30 Rock, which actually aired on NBC, often made fun of the dog-eat-dog world of broadcast television and the inner workings of NBC as Liz Lemon continually floundered in the male-dominated industry.

Fey as Liz Lemon provided a refreshing twist of a lead female character, as Lemon constantly divulged her geek tendencies, from her Star Wars fanaticism to her love of any and all food. Though Fey constantly portrayed herself as much less than desirable, the quirkiness of her character and the cleverness of the show made Tina Fey one of the most successful and revered female comedians in Hollywood, breaking barriers for other female comedians. 

Throughout the series, Fey was able to wrangle up some of the most well-known stars to act in ridiculous cameo roles such as Oprah, Conan O’Brian, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Al Gore, David Schwimmer, Jon Hamm and James Franco.

Though many are sad to see the show end (especially Alec Baldwin who offered to take a pay cut in exchange for an addition season), its candidness about making fun of networks like NBC and Hollywood stars has opened up new opportunities for comedy. It will be exciting to see what’s next for Tina Fey, and if the Liz Lemon character type will live on in another series.  


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