27-Pound Lobster Hauled in by Fisherman Robert Malone

America's obesity epidemic spares no man -- or species for that matter.

Shrimp fisherman Robert Malone hauled in a gigantic catch in the form of a 40-inch, 27-pound lobster (pictured above). The hulking crustacean was caught off the coast of Maine on Friday.

Malone must have better willpower than me, because he decided to forego dumping the giant lobster in a vat of boiling water and soaking the creature's meaty flesh in a correspondingly massive quantity of butter sauce.

Instead of indulging, Malone handed his catch over to the Department of Marine Resources to be housed in their Boothbay Harbor Aquarium - what a guy!

The folks at the aquarium dubbed the 27-pound lobster Rocky for the Rockland area where he was caught.

Even though Rocky is the biggest lobster ever turned over to the aquarium, crushing his nearest competitor by over four pounds, he still falls woefully short of 40-pound lobster that currently holds the title for largest ever caught and measured.


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