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2012 Election: If Only Romney Voters Understood the Facts

The 2012 presidential election is the most debauched and reckless one on record. It’s as if it is a race to see how laughable the nation can appear. Or perhaps it is about getting one up on Rome to see how fast an empire can crash. For example:

Look as this list and ask yourself, how could so many absurd things come together in one

● The presidential race is a clear cut battle between whether the rich will get $1 trillion in free entitlements from the government or whether the middle class and the poor will keep their entitlements, like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid, as well as jobless benefits.

● Half of all households do not have a $1 thousand dollars put away for an emergency, but the the adults in a large proportion of these homes are going to vote for this one-trillion-dollar bonus for the wealthy.

● The Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, promises to downsize Medicare, so that older folks will have to pay thousands of dollars more a year for their healthcare. Yet—

● Older folks are endeared by the Republican candidate, as he is white and reminds them of their childhood; so the majority of white seniors are expected to vote for him.

● Mitt Romney, has only one major plan to promote new jobs, which is to lower taxes; yet taxes already are the lowest they have been in 60 years and the plan is simply a handout to wealthy Americans.

● The Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, can be seen on a video calling half of all Americans moochers, but 45% of those very people he has designated at freeloaders are expected to vote for him regardless.

● This is a clear cut racist election for 20% of the voters, many of whom believe that the Democratic candidate, President Barack Obama, is an illegal alien of the Muslim faith, who is trying to end free enterprise and start a socialist society.

● President Barak Obama hustled Congress and got legislation passed that guarantees health insurance for everyone, and the Republican candidate vows to take it away. This means that:

● Nearly half of all Americans will vote to have their guaranteed health insurance taken away from them when they vote for Mitt Romney.

● The rich in America are being hustled to give million-dollar donations by the Republican candidate, while the middle class and the poor are being hustled to give five or ten dollars each to the Democratic candidate.

● One billionaire gave the Republican campaign $40 million dollars with the specific request that the next president bomb Iran and force the revaluation of the Chinese dollar, the renminbi, upwards.

● The Republican candidate Mitt Romney says he is going to get that Chinese dollar revalued, which will make that $40-million donor, Sheldon Adelson, an immediate $1 billion from increased valuations of his holdings in casinos in China.

● The prime minster of Israel has campaigned in the U.S. for the Republican candidate, saying that we must work together to bomb Iran as soon as possible.

● Ninety percent of Americans are not even aware that a vote for the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, means going to war against Iran, the ramifications of which could cause the price of gasoline to hit $10-a-gallon.

● Oil tycoons David and Charles Koch have put together $400 million in campaign money for Romney and are expected to make about $100 billion off the war with Iran.

● The Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, has told so many lies that the political wonks have labeled this new type of an election strategy “post-truth politics,” where you lie and just move on to the next lie.

● The Democratic candidate, Barak Obama, acts like a wimp in defending his policies, yet he has had a very aggressive foreign policy, assassinating terrorists in 10 different countries.

● The major media outlets appear unconcerned about these issues and rarely discuss any of it.

● The average voter knows nothing about this presidential campaign and will simply vote as if it is a popularity contest to see who becomes high school president.

● All this information is available in 75% of American households via the internet, but most folks will never see it; Americans are mostly not interested in the facts concerning elections.

It would seem obvious that if any of the above mentioned issues were true that middle-class Americans would rise up and defend their self-interests. But astoundingly, you can hardly get a middle-class person to even talk about the presidential election. It’s as if they place little value on elections, schools, healthcare, defending their own interests and that of their children, or whether there is another American-sponsored oil war in the Middle East.

Dr. Billy Kidd is Senior Researcher at the Romantic Relationship Institute, LLC.


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