California Man Michael Rorrer Finds Rare Batman, Superman Comics

Time to bust open those piggy banks, nerds.

Michael Rorrer of Oxnard, California is set to turn a forgotten family collection of rare comic books into a mountain of cold, hard cash.

The collection dates back to an era known to comic enthusiasts as the "Golden Age" of comic books. Rorrer will auction 44 of the top 100 issues from this time period in a New York City auction house on Wednesday.

Experts project that Rorrer stands to net as much as $2 million in bids for the collection. The most valuable issues in the lot are "Action Comics" number one, wherein Superman made his debut and "Detective Comics" number 27, the first appearance of another iconic DC hero, Batman.

Rorrer himself did not amass the collection. He says he stumbled upon the horde of valuable geekdom relics in a basement while cleaning out his great uncle's home, according to Yahoo! News.


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