10 Ways to Know You're Unemployed in 2010


10 Ways to Know You're Unemployed in 2010

By: Michael C. Webb, The Employment Expert

10 - You just pulled another all-nighter on Monster.com

9 - You sold your baseball card collection on eBay and paid your rent from your PayPal account

8 - You never left your sofa once during the entire Olympics and are the only American to know all the rules of curling -  but you did however stick the dismount!

7 - You considered a "will work for food" sign, but didn't know what shoes went best with cardboard and begging

6 - You submitted an application to the day laborers outside the Home Depot and inquired about subcontracting for them a few days a week until things pick up - Later that same day you sent them an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

5 - You found time to read the entire health care bill (both House and Senate)

4 - When your kids come home from school they ask what you why you are still sitting at the kitchen table - and why you're still in your underwear

3 - Your resume is release version 11.9.7.  The word on the street is that your soon to be released resume v.12 will not only be compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Oracle v.12 but will also have a huge upgrade in B2C user interface and the latest in cutting edge SEO in a vain attempt to gain increased organic online traffic and garner increased conversions (Remember Techies: resumes don't get jobs, people do)

2 - You spent nine hours figuring out how to invite all your Facebook friends to join you in Mafia Wars

1 - For the first time you figured out how to "Tweet" someone and not get slapped

Michael C. Webb is The Employment Expert, Author of Six Weeks to Multiple Job Offers, and Vice President in the executive search firm CFOs2GO.  Michael has been an executive in staffing and recruiting for over 15 years. 

You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/theemploymentexpert

"Six Weeks to Multiple Job Offers" can be found at http://www.TheEmploymentExpert.com


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