Your College Basketball Workout

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

Credit: Murray State

Notice how we timed Fit Bottomed Dude’s week during the height of March college-basketball mayhem? Oh, yeah, we know that dudes and their respective dudettes love the b-ball. That’s why we’ve created the perfect March Madness basketball workout. While cheering for your favorite team or bemoaning a big upset on your bracket can burn calories, we thought it would be even better to incorporate the madness and let the game actually dictate your workout for the day.

Similar to the football workout, this plan uses what’s happening during the game to determine what moves you do. Do the following basketball-game routine using your best judgment and modifications where necessary. Try it for a set amount of time like 10 minutes, half the game or even the full game, using half-time as recovery and water just like the players on the court!

College Basketball Workout

Foul: Crunches until regular game-play resumes.

Jump Ball: Do five jump-squats.

Slam Dunk: 10 lunges each side.

Technical Foul: Hold plank until regular game-play resumes.

Three-Point Shot: Do three squats.

Time Out: Get down and give us 10 push-ups!

Two-Point Shot: Do two jumping jacks.

Game on! Tell us who you think will win the tourney in the comments! —Jenn