You are Responsible for Creating your LIFE!

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Today is beautiful.

article wellness You are Responsible for Creating your LIFE!

It is a bright, glowing reflection of your inner world. You are significant. You make up everything and each and every particle from the universe makes up you. Creator, co-creator, creation, you are CREATING your LIFE!

As you breathe in allow yourself to be energized and as you exhale allow golden droplets of your energetic body to nourish the world.

You are a part of all the pieces to this puzzle and it cannot be completed with out you. KNOW THIS! Understand the importance that you play.

Moving through life, we understand that we have a choice and I invite you to right now, take responsibility! Some of you will find this difficult as it means you can no longer blame your disappointments, hurt, excuses on someone else. Everything that has ever occurred is a manifestation that you created and as you open yourself to this knowing you will be overcome with a sense of great power.

Doors will begin to open for you. Light will be shed where you were unable to see. Love will fulfill you from the inside and you will begin to be a true student on the journey of self discovery (Svadhyaya).

Trust that you will be guided and supported as you embark down new roads. Some of them will appear to be dead ends and others will have no street signs. Know that you are on the RIGHT path regardless of how things appear. Breathe in a loving breath of air and exhale your gratitude for the path you are on. Close your eyes. And as they open, you will see the dead end as expanded into a vast clearing for you to explore and the street signs are pointing in all the right directions.

Embrace this wonderful life. Allow yourself to live with grace and ease. Remember that you are of utmost importance. You are LOVED beyond belief and all that you put your intentions to will manifest. Like a beautiful garden, blossoming in the spring time, you tend to the soil, take care of your land and you will reap the benefits of your work.