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Happy Friday Everyone!

This is a very special weekend – the spring equinox is upon us, and the full moon on Saturday is going to be bigger than it’s been in twenty years! We think it’s a pretty great weekend to get out there and do some yoga! If you agree, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find some of our favorite Yoga events happening all across the country!

Don’t see events listed in your city? Want to submit an event of your own? Email us at [email protected] and let us know the deal!


Scranton, PA

Friday, March 18th – Sunday, March 20th

Join Alanna Kaivalya for 3 awesome workshops at Prana Yoga!

alanna5 YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | PA, NY, TN, CA

Master Class: Enjoy a 2 hour bhakti flow with intelligently sequenced vinyasa, an awesome soundtrack, rockin’ chanting and relevant and powerful philosophy. Alanna weaves stories, humor and creativity through her classes with solid, confident hands-on adjustments to encourage you to go beyond what you thought possible.

Myths of the Asanas: Who is the Warrior behind Virabhadrasana I, II and III? Why does Hanuman have three poses in his honor? What makes King Dancer pose so regal? The myths of yoga’s spiritual tradition have the power to change old patterns of behavior, providing us with enlightened insight that brings us closer to who we really are.

Art of Adjustments: Yoga practitioners derive tremendous benefit from effective adjustments. This workshop will explore the principles behind save and transformative hands-on assists.

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Philadelphia, PA

Friday, March 18th – Sunday, March 20th

Join Simon Park for a weekend of workshops at Dhyana Yoga in Philly!

simon YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | PA, NY, TN, CA

Fluid Power: The physicists and the sages have agreed that life is in dynamic motion (spanda-shakti). From the water with which our fluid bodies are comprised, to the sub-atomic quantum field, wave motion is the expression of life.

Surfing the Vinyasa Wave: Experience the latest evolution of Prana Flow Yoga, the unique Vinyasa style of Shiva Rea! Dynamic asana, creative flows, and integrated pranayama as a moving meditation will tune and tone you from the inside out, while giving you the tools for navigating life’s changes with grace, power, and confidence.

Jai Hanuman! This workshop on inversions and arm balances will invite practioners of all levels to discover for themselves that handstands and inversions and the like are actually empowering mudras that embody the best qualities of Hanuman, the archetypal heroic monkey, such as courage, fearlessness, flight, agility and lightness of body.

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New York, NY

Saturday, March 19th

Don’t miss this very special Big Juicy Yoga Class at Yogamaya New York with Stacey Brass, set to the rhythms of DJ Hyfi spinning live!

big juicy3 YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | PA, NY, TN, CA

Join Stacey and DJ Hyfi for a COSMIC collaboration!  DJ HyFi will be taking us on a journey across a sonic landscape of groovin’ beats and lush atmospherics while we sweat and move to the rhythm. In his mixes, DJ HyFi focuses on creating soundscapes that infuse our yoga practice with a dose of ecstatic bliss & carry practitioners to a deeper place as they ride the sonic wave.  THIS BIG JUICY IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

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Nashville, TN

Friday, March 18th – Sunday, March 20th

Join the Gravity Cowboys, Brock and Krista Cahill at the Sanctuary for Yoga!

brock krista cahill yoga YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | PA, NY, TN, CA

Tricky Transitions: Join us on a wild journey of crazy postures and fun transitions.  As your guides, we will help you to tap into the strength within you.  This will allow you to smoothly navigate through the turbulence, delivering you safely to the other side.  Yoga will give you the opportunity to practice getting through hard or complicated transitions in your life; knowing that by using your strength you can get even better, and overcome your obstacles.

The Press: A press can be broken down for even the most beginner student.  Cultivating the “root lock” or Mula Bandha in all asanas will begin to evoke a lightness in all movements and transitions.  Pressing to handstand from crow pose isn’t about strength, it’s about technique, focus, and Bandha! Anyone with a proficiency of headstand and crow pose is welcome to attend this workshop.

Mastering the Flow of Life: Yoga is a wonderful way for us to begin to awaken our gifts and to begin using them as a part of our life and service to others.  Come on in, unfold the unique layers of your talent and passion for life through yoga and a deeper self-awareness.  Overcoming challenging transitions and sequences will give you the confidence to overcome and rise above the challenging events and transitions in your life.

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Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, March 20th

Join us at the Bhakti Yoga Shala and the Yoga Collective for YOGANONYMOUS Trunk Shows! That’s right folks, our spring/summer line of organic t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies will be available on Sunday at following times:

11:45 – 1pm at the Bhakti Shala

2:30pm – 4pm at the Yoga Collective

YoganonymousTrunkShowLA4 YOGANONYMOUS Weekend Picks | PA, NY, TN, CA

The intention is to produce clothing that we want to wear – clothing that is light and comfortable enough to rock at a yoga class or for a workout but also hip and fashionable enough to wear out with a pair of jeans.

All shirts are produced in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible fashion – sweatshop free, water based ink, and made with love right here in the USA.

E-mail us for more information!


Wishing Everyone a Safe and Beautiful Weekend!

With LOVE,