YOGANONYMOUS Round-Up | February’s top blog posts and articles

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Say goodbye to February!

February, the most dreaded of the cold and dreary east coast winter months, has come and gone – YAY! We survived…Go us! To celebrate, we have selected some of our fav highlights from the month of February below – the most read, most loved, and most fascinating articles that came through our site. Check them out below and feel free to share them with your friends. Big thanks to our awesome writers (whether listed or not) who contributed, we love you all!

Happy March!

Redefining Yoga | Removing Stereotypes & Limitations

By Julia Winston

yoga1 YOGANONYMOUS Round Up | Februarys top blog posts and articles

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people sheepishly proclaim that they are ‘bad’ at Yoga. They would love to come with you to class but—just a warning—they’re “bad.” No, no, NO!  A thousand times no!  For the love of Krishna, let’s address this immediately.

There is no such thing as the Yoga Patrol (unless, of course, you practice Bikram).   Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not the Bendy Bodies Only Club.  In fact, yoga is not a competitive sport and there are no physical prerequisites.  It is first and foremost a spiritual practice, so everyone is qualified and there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad.”  When you say that you are bad at yoga, it means two things..

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Bow Down to The Yoga Teacher

via Newsweek

newsweek YOGANONYMOUS Round Up | Februarys top blog posts and articles

An interesting view on Yoga teachers in New York City, and the balance between power and humility…

Marco, the tattooed instructor at the front of the room, is all charisma. He stalks; he pounces; he perches on my back as he corrects my Janu Sirsasana pose (otherwise known as a forward bend). “If you tell it to me from your mind, I’m not interested,” he announces, to begin the class. “That’s just drama. I’ve got my own drama.” It can be difficult to exit the studio when Marco’s class is over: people lingering to talk to him block the door.

Do yoga, transcend your ego, and discover your inner humility—at least that’s the idea behind this ancient spiritual practice. The enlightened person is “friendly and compassionate, free from self-regard and vanity,” promises the Bhagavad-Gita. But in the recent past, around the time that $100 yoga pants became as common as designer jeans, the once inconspicuous yoga instructor has morphed into something more grandiose. Now certain teachers display all the monkishness of Keith Richards cooling his heels in the greenroom as adoring fans reach a peak of anticipation.

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The Relationship between Yoga & Mental Health

By Chris Calarco

yoga mental health YOGANONYMOUS Round Up | Februarys top blog posts and articles

Western science and civilization and finally beginning to catch up with the yogis…

As new studies are regularly published in medical journals asserting the link between the physical practice of yoga and positive mental health yoga philosophy seeps just a bit deeper into our culture. For generations western medical science actively chose to ignore the mind/body connection thanks in part to French philosopher Rene Descartes’ theory of dualism which claims the mind and body are distinct entities, the mind as non material and the body as material. Known as the “Cartesian split” this view is now out of favor as most modern scientists, philosophers and solid thinkers recognize the brain is made of material substance.

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An Interview with Our Teachers of the Month | Stacey Brass & Bryn Chrisman of Yogamaya New York

bryn stacey yoga2 YOGANONYMOUS Round Up | Februarys top blog posts and articles

Yogamaya New York is Chelsea’s premier yoga studio! The studio’s owners, Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrisman are the new YOGANONYMOUS teachers of the month! Our very own Dan Wilf had a chance to sit down with Stacey and Bryn, and find out a bit more about them and about their beautiful studio. Enjoy!

DW: Thanks for taking the time to connect with us guys, I know that you both must be SUPER busy with the new studio. Can you tell us a bit about the intention behind opening up your own place?

Stacey Brass: Yes we ARE super busy but never too busy to chat about yoga and Yogamaya! Our intention behind Yogamaya was to have a place where we could share our passion for everything that is Yoga and build a community of people that want to do the same. Bryn and I have always been extremely interested in furthering ourselves as teachers by studying and going deeper with the areas of the practice that move us and now we are bringing together asana and devotion and philosophy under one roof- our dream!

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5 Easey Steps to Pave the Way to Getting a Teaching Job

By Erica Mather

graduation1 YOGANONYMOUS Round Up | Februarys top blog posts and articles

So, you just finished your yoga teacher training…

How does a new teacher go about finding a job? Forrest Yoga teacher, Erica Mather, outlines 5 simple steps to getting a teaching job, whether you are a new teacher or are simply looking for a new place to share your knowledge – Enjoy!

Congratulations!  You’ve just completed your yoga teacher training.  Now, you’re left with the task of finding a teaching gig.  New York City is replete with talented instructors from all different lineages, and there’s not always a guarantee that you will get a class at the studio where you trained.  Now what?  Here are five practical things that you can do to start making some inroads into landing your first studio or gym gig:

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Multitasking, Mindfulness, & Meditation of Action

By Mary Mann

multitask1 YOGANONYMOUS Round Up | Februarys top blog posts and articles

The other day I was standing in my kitchen. With one hand I was typing on the computer, which was resting on the island. With the other I was attempting to pry a slice off of a loaf of frozen bread with the first clean knife I had found – a viciously sharp paring blade.

It just so happened that what I was typing was a google search for Thich Naht Hanh, searching for a saying I half-remembered and wanted for an article that I was writing. After clicking on a promising link in the google list, I grasped the loaf of bread, which was being difficult, with one hand and drove the knife into it with the other. With my eyes on the computer screen, I didn’t see the knife imbedded in my palm until after I felt it – a deep throb of pain and black-cherry blood from the pad at the base of my thumb.

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