Can Hip-Hop and Yoga Mix? This Yogi Says Yes

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What’s up, asana kickers and and mudra flickers? Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and feeling your best out there, wherever you might be. With the weather growing colder and colder, and the commotion of the holidays building and building,  I, like most of us, have found great refuge on my yoga mat. Not only that, I have found winter is a great time to crank up the tunes, turn up the heat, and dive deep into personal practice.

While things are stiffing, freezing, and growing heavy outside, I have been experimenting with lots of warmth, movement, and play in my practice – doing my best to keep things light inside. A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of offering a very special series of workshops entitled “Hip/Hop Yoga Practice” at a couple different studios located around New York and Philadelphia.

Dan Wilf Yoganonymous hip hop yoga YOGANONYMIX Volume 5 | Hip Hop Yoga Practice (free downloadable playlist)

The focus of the “Hip/Hop” workshops was on fluid HIP openers, high flying HOP inversions, and the creative correlation and connection between the two in the flow. Often times we carry our heaviest stress (both literally and figuratively) in our hips, and it is the freedom and eventual lightness of this region of our body that allows us to fly high and rock our inversions…And of course, a proper “Hip/Hop” workshop would not be complete without a dope yoga playlist featuring some of my favorite Rap and Hip Hop jams.

I have compiled some of the favorite selections from the workshops and I offer them to you below, for free download, in our latest YOGANONYMIX.

This yoga inspired playlist clocks in at one hour and seventeen minutes, and is set to fit the flow of a typical vinyasa class. Lose yourself in the dope beats of Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Warren G; dive deep with old school bangers by Nas, Slick Rick, and Naughty by Nature; and of course we’ve got some MC Yogi in the house, plus a very special EarthRise Soundsystem remix of Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon’s track entitled “Govinda Fly”. Turn it up, ground it down, breathe in, radiate out.

–> Click here to download YOGANONYMIX Volume 5 (hip/Hop) for free <–

Feel free to share this playlist with your kula, and bump it in your next yoga class, at home during personal practice, next time you go for a run, sunset cruise in your car, or just hanging with your friends. Enjoy.

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