What the...? Miller Genuine Draft Beer Sells Yoga Mats

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OMFG this is amazing – many thanks to Yogadork for discovering this little gem – check out YD’s article below:

Thirsty? Riddle us this, what’s the best accompaniment to a pretzel-y bending yoga class? Why this 64 calorie beer-colored yoga mat that can be yours for just $32! Precisely the motivation you need mid-chaturanga. We’ve discussed weed and yoga class before, but put on your goggles, it’s beer-asana time!

Miller Genuine Draft has really fallen off its bar stool with this one. Kinda looks like an oversized can koozie, which, hilariously, sits in their webstore between other novelty treasures like MGD64 lip gloss and a beer-branded exercise ball.

miller logo Yogadork: Six Pack Yoga   Presenting the Beer Yoga Mat!

Cause you know, it’s the super duper light beer, the one with those silly commercials and a campaign that’s somehow tied in with keeping fit. They even have a pedometer iPhone app! That’s cool, we get it, the beer for fitness buffs, and suds-guzzling yogis? Though, truth be told, this would make a totally awesome (ironic) stocking stuffer for our uncle.

We’ve seen other companies like JetBlue join the yoga-branding craze. Who’s next? How about a Hooters yoga mat? Spam? Marlboro!