Yoga Vida NYC | New Studio & Summer Workshop Announcement!

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Yoga Vida NYC is your escape from the hot city streets!

The BRAND NEW and GORGEOUS studio just opened at 666 Broadway (at Bond St.), and they’ve got a great line-up of workshops and events happening all summer long! More info below:

yoga vida nyc1 Yoga Vida NYC | New Studio & Summer Workshop Announcement!

Summer Workshops & Lectures

Advanced Vinyasa: Arm Balancing w. Alex Schatzberg

Thursday, June 23rd | 6″15pm – 8:15pm | 666 Broadway

In this two-hour workshop we will explore the fundamentals of arm balancing. We’ll start with the basic building blocks of the vinyasa practice, breaking down poses like Tadasana and Chaturanga as well as discuss the use of our Bhandas (locks). Then we’ll apply the basics to the advanced. Since advanced asanas are really just simple postures stacked on top of one another, we’ll begin our asana practice with simple sequencing to warm up, opening hips and shoulders, and then slowly start to build towards balancing on our hands. ($20)

Align, Explore, Evolve w/ Kay Kay Clivio

Sunday, June 26th | 2pm – 4pm | 99 University Place

Every time we step on our mat it is an opportunity for growth. Join Kay Kay Clivio for a workshop designed for those who want to move deeper into their practice. Learning strong alignment principles will allow you to explore your individual body in each pose more freely so you are able to evolve to the next level in your practice. ($20)

Yoga: Beyond the Mat w/ Dr. Satya Narayana Dasa

Saturday, July 9th | 3pm – 5pm | 666 Broadway

We are honored to have Dr. Satya Narayana Dasa coming to Yoga Vida for a special lecture on “Yoga: Beyond the Mat”.

We are drawn to our yoga mat for sometimes inexplicable reasons.  But we know we always leave feeling better than when we came, and often we complete our practice with increased mental clarity and physical calm.  So how do we cultivate these positive responses into our daily lives when we are not on our mat?  Especially with the stressful demands of modern urban life, this seems a tall task, if not an impossibility?  And even if it is possible, who has mastered the art sufficiently to teach it.

Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa is lifelong yogi and scholar yet understands the demands of modern life because he lives in the world and not in an isolated cave.  After completing his masters degree in engineering from ITT Delhi, he worked as an engineer in the United States for five years before retunring to India and dedicating his life to his yoga practice and studies.  He holds a PhD in Sanskrit from Agra University and four traditional scriptural degrees in Indian Philosophy.  Dr. Dasa is the author of 15 books on Indian Philosophy and Culture and gives lectures around the world on related topics.  He is the Founder and Director of the Jiva Institute of Vedic Studies which offers programs in Yoga, Philosophy, and Ayurveda in Vrindavan, India. ($20)

Learn to Fly: Arm Balance Series I and II w/ Raghunath Cappo

Thursday, July 14th (Part I) & Thursday, July 21st (Part II) | 6:15pm – 8:15pm | 666 Broadway

Learn to fly in this two part inversions workshop with Raghunath Cappo.  Join Raghunath as he teaches the art of perfecting arm balances.  Asanas that once seemed so intimidating will be dissected and de-mystified no matter what level you’re at.  You’ll walk out with tools to perfect your practice, while enhancing your strength and grace.  Come to either day, or both days!  Part I is not a pre-requisite to Part II.

Raghunath has been teaching yoga since 1987 in LA and New York. ($30 per class or $50 as a package)

Anatomy and Movement of the Hips & Pelvis w/ Nechama Karman

Sunday, July 17th | 2pm – 4pm | 99 University Place

“What does it mean to “move from the hips” and why is it important? Is it important to square the hips in twisting poses? What is the benefit of “hip opening”? How can I protect my back and SI joint in my asana practice?

Join Physical Therapist, Nechama Karman as we move through a sequence of postures with an awareness like never before.  We will answer the above questions as we explore the structural and functional anatomy of the spine, pelvis and hips.

If you’re interested in our Teacher Training Program beginning in September, Nechama is leading the anatomy section, so she is a great woman to get to know!  ($20)

Yoga & Detoxification Workshop w/ Kyra Haglund

Thursday, July 28th | 6:15pm – 8:15pm | 666 Boradway

Urban living is tough on our systems.

The foods we eat, the products we use, the environment we live in and our daily mental/emotional state accumulate toxins in our body.  Our mental, emotional and physical health depends on regular detoxification.

This workshop is a specially sequenced vinyasa practice designed to cleanse the main organs of detoxification: lungs, liver, skin, gut and kidneys.  We will continue to support the cleansing process through breath work, meditation and review of a comprehensive mono-diets.  This is an ancient practice of self-healing rooted in the concept of resting the immune and detoxification systems while promoting elimination.  From this workshop you can expect increased energy and improved mental clarity and a general sense of well-being.

*please try to eat no less than three hours before the yoga practice, drink plenty of water and bring a towel.($20)

Adjustment Series Workshops w/ Alanna Kaivalya

Friday, July 29th – Sunday, July 31st | 666 Boradway

Yoga practitioners derive tremendous benefit from effective adjustments. This workshop will explore the principles behind safe and transformative hands-on assists. All types of adjustments will be covered, and an understanding of how to “see” the body and optimize students’ freedom in asanas will be explored. This is a dynamic class and adjustments will be practiced to convey technique, subtlety and mastery.  Friday is not a pre-requisite for Saturday, though the entire weekend workshop is recommended for most effective retention.

(Fri: $30, Sat & Sun: $60 each; or $130 for the entire weekend)


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