Yoga Tune Up® | Did You Know… Improper Breathing Can Cause Stress?

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Did You Know … the wrong kind of breathing can actually cause your students more stress in your class?

breath yogatuneup1  Yoga Tune Up® | Did You Know... Improper Breathing Can Cause Stress?Quick, short, chest breaths in and out through the mouth, which typically accompany long holds, arm balances etc., stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.  This means that while your students are huffing and puffing their way through Utkatasana, their bodies are being flooded with fight or flight chemistry like epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol. These chemicals, while useful if you’re being chased by a moody Rhino, are notorious for contributing to insomnia, fatigue and eroding the body’s immune system.

The purpose of a challenging Yoga class is for your students to be able to go to those uncomfortable places while staying calm, focused and BREATHING.  Above all, that’s the muscle we’re trying to get our students to activate!  The rule of thumb is this:  If you can’t take slow breathes through your nose, you’re in it too deep. Always encourage your students to exhale longer than they inhale as a general guideline for remaining calm in the face of Bakasana. Keeping our students down-regulated is one of many ways we keep our student’s bodies and minds finely tuned and healthy. Yoga Tune Up® specializes in the mechanics of breathing and how we impact our student’s nervous systems through Yoga. Check out our upcoming Immersions and Level 1 Teacher Trainings in the Summer and Fall of 2011!

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