YEA! Yoga Energy Activism Ignites | Earth Day- Fall Equinox | April 22- September 21st

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Did you know that in the US…we waste more energy  than we use, we throw away more food than we eat and, and we are fueling 95% of our life from sources that are limited and polluting when it would only take .02% of the sun’s energy everyday to power the world’s current energy needs?!

Shiva Rea is inviting you to join her for a simple, practical and positive response to our current energy crisis – yoga energy activism.  Experience an innovative and powerful form of activism by becoming a YEA – Yoga Energy Ambassador. You can also  be simply an Energy Ambassador just be involved for one day – Earth Day – and if you are inspired,  continue on for the next 6 months till Sept. 21st.

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Check out more from Shiva’s letter to friends about YEA:

So let’s restore energy!  Create your own Energy Regeneration Day – a retreat that includes
* unplugging and going solar or candlelight  (all electricity except your refrigerator) and accounting for your carbon footprint by retreating or supporting Global Green’s carbon offset program
* tuning in (regenerating your energy in your own way through the yoga, being with your loved ones, resting, creating, playing)
* clearing up -  fasting (from food and-or technology), feasting (with eco-positive vegan food) and trying to go for Zero Waste.

Our goal is for 1,008 people or more to sign-up for  the YEA challenge around Earth Day-Easter weekend – April 22-24th.

What’s it take?

2 simple things:

1) Sign in (takes 1 min) and use any part of the YEA Energy Regeneration Invite to spread the word (on Facebook now!) on April 21st before Earth Day

2) Unplug and tune-in – creating an energy regeneration day of your own design for April 22-24th. On your retreat day, experience a rest from Facebook and show solidarity for using our energy wisely.

If you are inspired, two more simple things:

3) Post your experience on the Facebook group (Yoga Energy Activism) and continue with  the next Energy Regeneration Day on the Beltane Weekend (May 1st) and more that will continue
through Sept. 21st.
4) Stay connected by supporting YEA ( & Global Green’s carbon offsetting efforts (

Now is the time to take responsibility for our inner and outer world so that we can wake-up from the inertia that is preventing positive change and realize the natural gifts of prana that are inherent in the elements of the sun, water, earth, and air that are being depleted and poisoned.

Energy Regeneration Retreat
3 hours, 12 hours half-day (sunset to sunrise)  24 hour day

* Turn off and unplug all electronics and appliances (except the refrigerator)
* Take a technology fast – a healthy break from computer, cell phones, tv, games
* Rest, be with lovers,  family, friends,  read, reflect, create, play, be quiet, be festive
* Use ghee lamps, soy or beeswax candles or solar charged lamps for necessary light
* Create light from natural sources
* Gather with friends and family and celebrate using as little energy as possible to create meals
(Cook the day before or foods not-requiring energy to prepare)
* Go for zero or as little waste as possible by composting and recycling
* Any meals are created with food that has minimal or no packaging and are vegetarian or vegan (the environmental effects of meat, fish and dairy)
* Create a meal with as little packaging as possible
* How few times can you flush
* What is your shortest reasonable shower or go greywater.
* Reduce water consumption: flush one less time / cut 2-6 minutes off your shower
* Use a bike or walk for transportation – if a car is necessary, try to reduce your travel to 1 gallon of gas (approx 25 miles) or use carbon off-set
* Replace TV and video games in your family with outdoor or other non-electronic activities

Personal Energy Regeneration
* Unplugging from social media, computer, cell phone for a few hours to a whole day!
* Reading
* Journaling
* Longer meditation and yoga practice
* Fasting: eating once or twice a day, or juice fast, or fruit + vegetable fast

Be one of 1,008 people for Earth Day!  Please sign up and help keep the momentum with these dates
April 21-24 / Earth Day + Easter
April 30 – May 3 / New Moon + Beltane
May 13-17 / Full Moon + Buddha’s Birthday Day
May 28 – June 1 / New Moon
June 16 – 21 / Full Moon + Summer Solstice
June 30 – July 4 / New Moon
July 14-17 / Full Moon + Guru Purnima
July 29 – 31 / New Moon + Ramadan
August 12 – 14 / Full Moon
August 26 – 28 / New Moon
September 10-12 / Full Moon
September 23 – 27 / Autumn Equinox + New Moon + Navaratri and Rosh Hashanah begin

If you are choosing to participate in YEA!’s grassroots activation of the yoga community, to encourage the yoga community and beyond to save energy, CO2 emissions and waste through energy Fast-Feasts, click here to fill out our interest form!