NBA News: Yao Ming's Ankle at Only 30%

| by Off The Record

Houston Rockets fans that were hoping to get Yao Ming back in some sort of reasonable time frame, might want to adjust their expectations. Yao has been out for what seems like forever (it’s actually been since last December) with a stress fracture in his left ankle.

It’s not his fault. He’s a 7′ 5″ behemoth of a man. That’s a lot of weight on the feet and it goes to show just how remarkable Shaq’s career has been.

Photo Caption: “And that’s why, you ALWAYS see her ID first. The courts don’t want to hear ‘she said she was 19′ … trust me.”

And according to what Yao told the China Daily, he’s only about 30% recovered. Eh….thassnogood.

“Walking or jogging is OK for me now, but I need to get 80 percent of my strength back to play I have got only about 30 percent at most now. I also need exhibition games to assist my recovery, not only working out alone,” said Yao.

The 30-year old is clearly considering shutting it down for good and retiring. However, he does say that seeing his daughter Amy (that’s a very Chinese name) makes him want to recover and he keep playing.

“She is definitely a big motivation for me to continue my role as a player, although my foot still needs lots of treatment to meet the game’s demands,” he said.

We’ll see what happens, but 30% isn’t going to cut it for anyone and at some point he has to decide how much pain and rehab he wants to deal with. Chances are, once his foot heals, it will be something else.

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