Woman Furious Over Creepy Disney Character Tattoo

| by Sheena Vasani

A New Zealand woman left a Christchurch tattoo parlor halfway through getting a $400 Snow White and Cinderella tattoo after finding the images “disgusting.”

"I recently got this tattoo and I am so utterly disgusted and embarrassed," Sarah Blackley posted on Facebook on March 23. "$400 for what?! I refuse to wear short sleeves ... This is on my skin forever."

“I put my trust in [the artist] to give me Cinderella and Snow White. I have tried to contact him prior to this post but no reply. I know how bad this is all I ask is no snarky comments please just share,” she added.

The tattoo features dark outlines of the two Disney characters with no eyeballs, while Cinderella holds a knife and Snow White has a black mouth, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The Facebook post had been shared 4,000 times in 18 hours.

The store, Epic Ink, explained the image did not meet expectations because the artist was only halfway done. The store also says the woman had requested a tattoo of zombie princesses.

"The top half of the tattoo are guides that were going to be shaded in, colored and completed in her next appointment,” explained an Epic Ink spokeswoman. "This came as quite a shock as before she left the studio at her last appointment, she made another appointment to have some more of the tattoo finished two weeks from that day."

The tattoo shop said it tried to reach Blackley to help resolve the issue, but has been unsuccessful. An attendant at Epic Ink added the incident has caused stress for all the employees.

"All we want is to have this resolved," the attendant told the New Zealand Herald. "We've sent her five messages but she's blocked us. Yes, the tattoo is bad, but the way she has gone about it is worse. She hasn't called us, messaged us or come into the store."

Blackley says the store is lying and she has contacted it but received no reply.

“All I want is my f------ money back and this has turned into a s--- show,” she wrote, adding "[they’re] making me look like the bad guy. I haven't blocked anyone, excuses for not repaying me is what that is.”

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