Home Care Nurse Steals From Elderly Woman (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A British woman was caught on camera stealing money from the elderly dementia patient she was taking care of.

Tracie Karaca was caught after the elderly woman’s son became suspicious and installed a camera in her home. In the video, Karaca can be seen opening a secret drawer that was reportedly built by the woman’s deceased husband. 46-year-old Karaca looks through a wallet and pulls out $58.27, then quickly pockets it. 

The elderly woman’s son, who remained anonymous so as to protect his mother, told The Sun he couldn’t believe what he saw on camera.

“I had my suspicions but when I watched her actually steal it I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. 

“I was physically shaking, I was astonished someone would do that. The nature of the video shows that she clearly knew what she was doing. She was very quick and slick at stealing the money.”

The elderly woman reportedly had dementia and other memory issues. Karaca was employed as a supervisor by a company called BJP Home Support; staff there declined to comment on the incident. The 89-year-old victim was not informed of the theft. 

Karaca was fined for the theft and spared jail time, though she was sentenced to 12 months of community service and made to repay the money she stole.

In a similar incident in 2014, a 39-year-old Miami caretaker stole almost $1 million from an elderly woman she was looking after. 

Marie Petit-Louis was arrested on charges of fraud and theft, which police said occurred over a two year period. She reportedly closed several bank accounts for the woman, who has since passed away, and then deposited the money into her own accounts. Petit-Louis also posed as the woman in several calls to an investment firm, WPLG reported. 

The woman’s daughter told police that her mother said she did not willingly give Petit-Louis the money, despite the thief’s insistence that that was the case.

“She was cognizant on some of the questions, and they asked her, 'Did you give her money to give to her Haitian church,' and her answer was 'I'm Jewish, I would never give her money for that,’” Coral Gables Police officer Kelly Denham told WPLG. 

Sources: The Sun, WPLG / Photo credit: Private suveillance footage/The Sun

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