Thousands Of Ducks Cross Road, Motorists Wait (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A video (below) showing thousands of ducks crossing a street in China has gone viral.

The video was originally posted on LiveLeak with the title "20,000 ducks cross road ..... at the crossing," which drew some debate from commenters:

"Think they're going around in a circle. Pretty sure I saw the same duck twice."

"How can you tell? They all look the same out there to me."

"You missed the last one landing, so, there's 19,388!'

"Those aren't ducks! That's the North Korean Army!"

One commenter asked a very important question: "How is it that a duck can cross a road faster than a f******* idiot with an iphone?"

"Since Iphone Idiots have little to no direction in life they use 'random walk.' The ducks on the other hand have a purpose in life, thus they walk straight to the pot," wisecracked another commenter.

"Somebody told them they're going for a wok," added another.

Ducks are apparently popular in China as a similar video (below) boasting 5,000 ducklings was posted by Live Leak in October.

The Daily Express reported that those ducklings were three to five days old, and stampeded to a pond for the first time on a duck farm in Jiangsu, China.

The news site noted that the duck farmers exercise the ducks to get their appetites going, but we're afraid to ask what happens after the ducks get fattened up.

According to the Daily Express, a 70-year-old duck farmer, Hong Minshun, took thousands of ducks into a street and caused a traffic jam in Taizhou, China, in 2013.

Minshun blocked the traffic to lead his quackery to a pond... Hey, wait a minute, Blocking traffic? That sounds familiar.

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