Syrian Girl Seen Surrendering To Cameraman Reportedly Fled Refugee Camp With Family

| by Jared Keever

A 4-year-old Syrian girl, who recently captured the hearts of millions when a Turkish photojournalist snapped a picture of her surrendering to his camera, has fled with her family from a refugee camp and may be in the Al Qaeda controlled city of Idlib.

The Daily Mail reports that a source from within the Atmeh refugee camp on the Turkey-Syria border has confirmed that girl — whose name is Adi Hudea — and her family are no longer in the camp. 

“The child does not exist now in the camp,” the unnamed source is quoted as saying. “They fled to a village in Idlib about two weeks ago.”

Hudea’s face became known to millions recently as a photograph of her holding her hands up — in an apparent attempt to surrender to a cameraman — went viral. Many claim the image captured the human cost of Syria’s ongoing civil war. 

The Telegraph tracked down Osman Sagirli, the photographer who took the picture, and he recently described the context. 

"I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon," he said. "I realized she was terrified after I took it, and looked at the picture, because she bit her lips and raised her hands. Normally kids run away, hide their faces or smile when they see a camera.”

He took the picture in December while visiting the Atmeh refugee camp. 

According to the Telegraph story, Hudea and her family had been living in the camp since her father was killed by bombing in the Syrian city of Hama in 2012. 

The source who spoke with the Daily Mail did not elaborate as to why he or she thought the family went to Idlib, which only recently fell to Nusra Front rebels. 

The Nusra Front was widely regarded as a splinter faction of Al Qaeda but reaffirmed its allegiance to the larger terrorist organization last month. 

The Daily Mail reports Nusra rebels are rumored to have executed two Christian men in Idlib in recent days. The group is expected to move forward with plans to impose Sharia law — a strict interpretation of Islamic law — in the city. 

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Photo Credit: Osman Sagirli via The Telegraph, Facebook