Indonesian Servant Sits Alone While Family Eats (Photo)

| by Brendan Kelly

A shocking photo has surfaced showing a wealthy Indonesian family's maid forced to sit by herself without food while her employers eat dinner.

According to the Daily Mail, a man named Michael Fanny spotted the scene at a restaurant in Indonesia and pulled out his camera to capture what he saw.

Fanny shared the heartbreaking photo on Facebook, where it was then shared over 60,000 times.

"Your pembantu (servant) is part of your life," he wrote, according to Metro. "A reflection of your humanity. Imagine you are in their position, no phone to hold, not invited to eat, eyes just looking around. We must respect and love our maids, our drivers, our gardeners... Life is not about profits and loss, it is not about ourselves."

"By sharing a little of what we have then we are sharing the love of God. #respecttothepeople #respecttoourmaid #respecttoourdriver #loveotherpeople #Godislove," he added.

The photo, which was taken in a restaurant in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta, shines a light on the issue of domestic worker mistreatment and abuse in Indonesia. 

Many users were shocked by the photo and commented to share their sympathy for the family's servant.

According to Metro, domestic workers make up a significant percentage of Indonesia's workforce. Young women often move from rural areas to major cities in order to make money to support their families. Some servants are treated well, but stories of abuse and mistreatment are not uncommon.

Sources: Daily MailMetro / Photo Credit: Michael Fanny/Facebook

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