'Only Scum Stoop That Low': Woman Attacked By Ex-Boyfriend Shares Her Story (Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

A British woman who says she was brutally attacked with a baseball bat by her ex-boyfriend posted photos of her injuries on Facebook.

The alleged attacks occurred on Jan. 9 and 10. Amy Castle, 26, was asleep on her couch when her boyfriend at the time, Michael Cairncross, 24, started beating her with a wooden baseball bat, Daily Mirror reported.

Castle shared her story on Facebook, along with pictures of the injuries. She wrote:

“This is the result of being beat with a baseball bat while I was SLEEPING on the sofa by my ex-partner MICHAEL CAIRNCROSS … he battered me while I lay sleeping on the sofa and my boys were upstairs sleeping! I could not defend myself as he was over me reigning down the hits with a wooden baseball bat we actually got as a soivineir (sic) from a previous holiday! I thought I was gonna marry this man until he betrayed me in the worst possible way! I wasn’t innocent anyone who knows me knows im (sic) a feisty person and will give as good as I get but what he did to me was LOW and ONLY SCUM stoop that low.”

Cairncross pleaded guilty to the two assault charges in April. He was sentenced to two years and five months in prison and there is a restraining order against him.

“This was a particularly nasty assault where the victim was attacked with a baseball bat, leaving her with significant bruising,” said investigating officer Victoria Wilkes. “This was also a traumatic experience for the victim’s three young children who were in the house at the time. Hampshire Constabulary takes reports of domestic assault like this very seriously, and I welcome the sentence which reflects the severity of the offense.”

In her Facebook post, Castle went on to say that she looks forward to putting the incident behind her, and that she is focusing on her children.

She reports that her children are happy now that police are no longer in their house constantly. She says that although the family moved into a small apartment where the children share bunk beds, she believes life will get better.

She finishes with: "My aim in life now is to just move on with my boys and be the best mother I can be and hopefully start getting my career on the horizon!”

Sources: Daily Mirror, Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook