New Zealand Woman Says McDonald's Served Her Partially-Eaten Burger

| by Karin Sun

A McDonald's customer in Auckland, New Zealand, complained after allegedly discovering that a Big Mac burger that she had ordered from the restaurant already had a bite taken out of it.

Lakyn Taite-Allen said she went to a McDonald's branch on Lincoln Road in Henderson, West Auckland, in mid-October and ordered a Big Mac burger from the restaurant's drive-thru, reports. When she received her burger, however, she reportedly noticed that it had a big chunk bitten out of it.

Allen, who was accompanied by her partner and younger brother, said she was "shocked" and "appalled" by the discovery.

"My first reaction was I just thought this can't be real," she told

After Allen complained to the restaurant, McDonald's staff initially denied that the burger could have possibly been served with a chunk bitten out of it. However, a review of CCTV video footage taken in the restaurant's kitchen showed that the Big Mac had been returned by another customer and accidentally resold to Allen.

The company has since apologized to Allen for the mistake.

"We have spoken with Lakyn, apologized for her experience and assured her that food safety is McDonald's number one priority," the company said in a public statement on Oct. 20.

Allen slammed the "disgusting" customer service at the Lincoln Road McDonald's and posted a picture of the bitten-into Big Mac burger on her Facebook page on Oct. 17.

"I have worked at McDonald's before so I know what fresh standards are and lincoln road does not possess this at all," an Oct. 18 Facebook post read.

Allen went on to say that the burger she received not only had a bite taken out of it, but was also cold and appeared to have "old" lettuce.

In a later post on the same day, Allen revealed that there had been "many testimonals" of bad service at the Lincoln Road branch and that her ordeal was just "the tip of the iceberg."

Allen told that, while she was happy to finally receive an explanation for what happened, she felt the Lincoln Road restaurant should have trained its employees more thoroughly in order to prevent such an error from occurring.  

Allen also said she was disappointed in the way the restaurant's managers initially dealt with her complaint.

"I believe the situation could have been handled a lot differently from the beginning," she said.

This was not the first food-related incident to occur at an Auckland McDonald's. On Oct. 19, reported that pieces of plastic were discovered in an ice cream sundae purchased at a McDonald's restaurant on Constellation Drive in the city's Albany suburb.

Sources:, NZ Herald, Lakyn Taite-Allen/Facebook

Photo Credit: Lakyn Taite-Allen/Facebook