Nelly Performs In Kurdistan To Support Victims Of ISIS, Becomes First American To Perform In Troubled Country

| by Dominic Kelly

Musician and rapper Nelly performed for a crowd in Kurdistan in support of ISIS victims, making him the very first American to perform in the country.

Nelly first became famous back in 2000 for songs like “Hot in Herre” and has been a mainstay in popular culture ever since, but just last week, the rapper became the first American to ever perform in Kurdistan. Nelly took part in a concert set up by the Rwanga Foundation, an organization that aims to help locals in the area ravaged by the terrorist group ISIS. The Daily Mail reports that the concert was put together to “promote peace and bring hope to those who need it most” as well as to provide money for “those impacted by the recent conflict in the area.”

The concert was originally supposed to be headlined by rapper Akon, but he reportedly dropped out at the last minute, so Nelly, along with Arab Idol’s Ammar Koofy and motocross star André Villa, showed up to support the cause.

“I'm honored that this country has basically paid attention to Nelly,” the rapper said, according to Sky News. “Everybody has been so gracious and the hospitality has been first class. How could you not want to come back to a place where everyone shows so much gratitude and they're happy to have you?”

Sources: Daily Mail, Sky News / Photo Source: Daily Mail