Man Arrested In Child Abduction Case Had Soundproofed Basement Filled With Children's Toys

| by Brendan Kelly

Norway police arrested a man involved in a child abduction investigation after discovering he had a soundproof room in his basement that was filled with children's toys and a bed.

The 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempting to abduct children.

Police soon found the unidentified man's lockable basement den filled with teddy bears, kids' books, and a bed with a Super Mario bed cover.

The walls were carpeted, which made the room almost completely soundproof. The room also had a toilet and a television in it.

"It is worrying, but we have not uncovered anything during the investigation to suggest that there has been a criminal offense in the room or on the man's address," said Julie Dalsveen, lawyer of the Vestoppland police district.

Police also found child pornography, a Taser, and a truncheon in the man's home.

When the man was arrested, police found that he had rented a car and driven it to the addresses of children in Sweden and Norway.

Dalsveen said that he found names of children on social media and drove the rented vehicle to their homes "up to 50 times" between 2011 and 2014.

Criminal offenses related to the addresses have not yet been revealed.

The accused has been released from custody and is awaiting trial.

Sources: NY Daily News, Mirror / Photo Credit: NY Daily News