Musicians Publicly Beaten By ISIS For Playing Electronic Keyboard

| by Arthur Kogan

Islamic State religious police were recorded on video beating musicians after learning they had been playing an electronic keyboard, deemed to be “un-Islamic” by the ISIS police.

According to Daily Mail, the musicians received 90 lashes from a wooden stick across their back and legs. In addition to the musicians, a man who was caught allegedly smuggling cigarettes was also punished with lashes, as well as another man who was caught impersonating a local official.

Pictures and videos from this incident were found on a file-sharing website, and the post made claims to have been from the ISIS information office in Aleppo, the largest city in Syria. Pictures are regularly uploaded of thieves having their arms and hands amputated in public spaces amid crowds of people. Public executions have also been common in areas of Iraq and Syria where ISIS has taken over.

Earlier today, Daily Mail reports that 15 pigeon breeders were rounded up in eastern Iraq and three of them have reportedly been killed. ISIS ruled that the sport “distracted them from praising Allah," the Daily Mail reports.

ISIS has also been seen on video throwing two men off the top of a tower in Raqqa, Syria, for being gay. They were blindfolded and bound together.

The United States and allies have started to take anti-ISIS efforts more seriously recently due to the increasing threat of the group and their efforts to establish a caliphate in the Middle East.

Last week, the U.S. conducted 29 airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq over a 24-hour period between Friday and Saturday, destroying buildings, vehicles, equipment and fighting positions in Iraq. Eleven airstrikes were carried out in Syria, destroying tanks and fighting positions near the cities of Kobani, Abu Kamal, and Dawr az Zawr.

Tonight, at 9 p.m. ET will be President Obama’s sixth State of the Union address to Congress. Will Obama take a stronger stance on the efforts to destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

Sources: Dailymail, CNBC,  Photo Source: Wikipedia