ISIS Builds Network Of Tunnels Under Iraqi Town (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A secret network of tunnels built by ISIS was found underneath a town in Iraq. 

According to Daily Mail, nearly 40 underground routes were discovered in the town of Sinjar and included sleeping quarters, sandbags, electricity, bomb-making equipment, medicine and copies of the Quran.

Kurdish officials discovered the tunnels after liberating Sinjar, which had been under ISIS rule for over a year.

“We found between 30 and 40 tunnels inside Sinjar. It was like a network inside the city,” commander Shamo Eado said.

“Daesh dug these trenches in order to hide from air strikes and have free movement underground as well as to store weapons and explosives. This was their military arsenal.”

One portion of the tunnels appeared to be a bunker and was filled with blankets, pillows and copies of the Quran.

Another section of the tunnels showed, according to footage, stockpiles of ammunition and bomb-making tools.

Vado said that as the liberation of Sinjar continues, authorities expect to find more secret tunnels and evidence of the barbaric actions that took place at the hands of the terrorist organization.

“It’s just a matter of time,” he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Independent / Photo credit: Daily Mail