Father And Son Rescue Dog Stuck In Tar Pit

| by Karin Sun

A father and son in Chile rescued a dog that they found abandoned in a sticky pit of tar.

Jhonny Alquinta and his son, Jhonny Carrizo, were driving around the city of Antofagasta in northern Chile when they noticed something moving in a large tar pit, the Daily Mail reported.

When they went to take a closer look, they saw the dog struggling to lift its head out of the syrupy black tar. The animal had apparently been thrown into the pit and left for dead.

"At first they were scared, but when she lifted her head up, they quickly went to help her," Carrizo's aunt, Rosmary Carrizo, said in an interview according to the Daily Mail.

"It took a huge effort but they finally got her out of the pit," she added.

After pulling the dog out of the pit, Alquinta and Carrizo took the animal to a veterinary clinic, where it was cleaned off and given medical treatment.

"We managed to get the asphalt out of most of her fur," the veterinarian who treated the dog explained, according to the Daily Mail.

"She has been eating and drinking and is slowly getting better. Now we will do a blood-test to see if her organs have been affected."

The father and son rescuers have named the dog "Quitran," the Spanish word for "tarmac," and will adopt the animal.

They said they believed the dog was abandoned in the pit on purpose and plan to file an animal abuse complaint with authorities.

An estimated 600 million pets are abandoned worldwide every year, according to statistics reported by Animal Rights Action. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Animal Rights Action / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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