Couple Has Sex In Public Park While Spectators Watch

| by David Bonner

A video of a man and woman who appear to be having sexual intercourse in a public Berlin park has gone viral online.

The scene features the couple in broad daylight, beneath a tree, filmed from a rather unflattering angle while assuming the famous “missionary position.” In the distance is a woman pushing a baby stroller through the park, apparently oblivious to what was happening under the tree.

On the video, the cameraman can be heard making comments in German, either to himself or to an accomplice.

Within about a minute, seven people enter the scene and gather around the copulating couple, and casually become amateur pornographers by taking pictures and filming on their phones.

At one point, the man who is on top of the woman pauses for a cigarette that is offered to him by one of the voyeurs.

Was this scene real or staged? Just from watching the video, it’s difficult to know for sure. However, as notes, “in the last few years we've seen the rise of the staged viral video, regular people faking some spontaneous bit of hilarity to make sure grandmas everywhere will be emailing the link for years.”

Apparently, sexual content -- whether real or fake -- helps videos go viral. A Google search for “viral video sex” returns headlines such as these:

  • Young girl and boy sex video viral
  • Video of school students having sex goes viral online
  • SHS student and house master’s sex tape goes viral
  • Video of girl freestyling during sex goes viral
  • Florida football star arrested after viral sex video
  • 2-minute sex video inside Shanghai hotel goes viral in China
  • Viral video: woman fixes dent in care with… a sex toy?

Whatever the case may be with the Berlin couple under the tree, the German videographer of the scene went on to upload it to Liveleak, where it has been watched more than 110,000 times.

Sources: Mirror, / Photo credit: Liveleak via Mirror

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