Community Stops Thieves Trying To Rob A Jewelry Store

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

A trio of armed robbers who burglarized the Romaze Jewellery Shop in Manchester, England, were stopped by a brigade of local citizens, including children who were as young as 10.

According to the shop’s owner, Rana Zia Ahmed, the thieves attacked the store using a sledge hammer, a battering ram and a handgun - they smashed cabinets, which alerted locals who had been playing cricket near by.

Ahmed’s wife, Ruksana, gave an account of the burglary. “He was in here and these lads came through the door with a big ram. They got inside and smashed the counter, but they didn't get anything. It's a big, close community here, so a group of people gathered outside.”

One of the suspects, an unnamed 25-year-old man, was trapped by the group of people who came to help - he was hurt in the take down and the other robbers got away in a car. The vehicle was later found abandoned. The man who was caught appeared dazed in a video taken by a bystander.

Sgt. Andrew Wheeler of Greater Manchester Police praised the locals who detained the robber who nearly got away. “I would never encourage the public to take the law into their own hands and put their own safety at risk, but due to their actions we have been able to arrest a man on suspicion of armed robbery,” he said, according to Telegraph.

“Secondly, there has been a significant amount of coverage of this incident on social media, but officers have not been able to find many people willing to speak to them about what they saw. I would urge anyone who saw the incident take place, or believe they have any information which may assist our investigation, to call us.”

The three men in the robbery got away empty handed.

Sources: Telegraph, Manchester Evening News Image via Telegraph