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World Cup

World Cup 2010 Preview, Group B

| by Sports Nickel



Oh Maradona, if only you were still playing and not wearing a suit. Argentina’s talent on paper is unquestionable, that is a given, that is obvious, and by that I mean there more than just Messi. But do they have as talented of a coach? In my opinion, no. This isn’t me hating on Diego and the Argentinians, though I actually do. I’m just going by what I see and have seen, their elimination campaign was sporadic and bipolar getting solid victories and then dumping one of the biggest loads in their history against Bolivia (Lost 6-1). The potential is there though and because of that, you can’t ever count them out much less bet against. They should come out of group phase easy enough, however it remains to be seen what team will play after that and how far they will go. Riquelme’s (injured) absence is a huge blow to their midfield and his creativity will be missed, though Maradona would probably not call him up anyways (they have a little feud going on).

When you think of Nigeria you think of one thing: physical toughness, and, apparently, baby powder. That is their trademark, they will run, hustle, tackle and trade fouls with you. Sometimes that alone is enough to surpass less physical teams, especially with the downfall in the past decade in talent, but never enough to get you far. I don’t see anything in them to think that they’ll be Africa’s premier nation once again nor anything that other teams should be afraid of. Do they have a shot at making out of group stage? Sure, they did come back and snatch away a WC spot against Tunisia in the final rounds, but I think they’ll be a letdown though.


The Greeks don’t have much to celebrate these days, but they could very well be soon. Greece doesn’t have the talent to make the world love their style of play. You could say that they are boring. They know this though and within their formula, they have achieved success. They won the Euros 2004, but then disappointed in not qualifying for the World Cup in 2006. So here they are, for the first time since 1994. Most of their players are experienced veterans who’ve been in the international stage, so you can probably count on consistency. They play sound defense and get just enough on offense to pass by. Unfortunately, they’ll be facing some pretty physical defenses as well. So I see them creating havoc in this group with a whole lot of ties.

South Korea:

Oh my…..what?….oh, right….the preview….In my humble opinion, South Korea is the best Asia has, unfortunately for them, the draw didn’t help and they’ll be facing bigger, tougher, more physical teams. They do have experience, and their attack could do some damage, but they’ll have to rely heavily on their stars to be the difference, especially since there are so few of them. But I’m going to call it nevertheless….keep an eye on them, they may end up 2nd , but a repeat of 2002? Highly improbable.

Predicted Final Standings:

1) Argentina

2) South Korea

3) Greece

4) Nigeria

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